Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pastor Antonio - Video

I first met Pastor Antonio during our time in Guatemala on the 2006 World Race. Our team of five lived at his home and ministered alongside him everyday for three weeks. During this time, I was amazed by his tireless passion for sharing God's love and truth with his people, and the joy he found by serving God so whole-heartedly. I have never met anyone so devoted to living out what he believed.

When the time came to say farewell, I was excited to go serve in new places, but I have never stopped praying that I would be able to return to visit my Guatemalan family, the church we worked at, and most importantly, to bring others with me to see what God is doing there, and to join in that work. Praise God, He is answering that prayer, and three weeks from Tuesday (!) I'll be getting on a plane with my husband, mother, and five incredible students!

Pastor Antonio has also hosted other missionary groups, and one of the more recent World Race teams spent part of their time making a video about Pastor Antonio's ministry. It's delightful to see how God is blessing the congregation that begin in Jan 2006 (the month before we arrived) with only three or four families. The video gives a great description of the kind of work we'll be doing during our two weeks in Lake Atitlan.

Pastor Antonio from Sean Smith on Vimeo.

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Nancy said...

I will be praying for you as you prepare for your trip and especially while you are on your trip. May the Lord use you mightily. I am sure you will be blessed.

Please share your trip when you get back.
In Him,