Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day Two: Easter Sunday

We celebrated Easter this morning at Victory Fellowship. They presented an "illustrated sermon" on Jesus' sacrifice for us that included music, drama, and preaching. We all especially enjoyed the worship music, which was modern and loud and rocking!

After church, we visited the various ministry sites we'll be working at this week and prayed over them. At Broad Street Mission, we met a little boy named Dominic. He was excited to see our group, and excited that we were spending the whole week in his neighborhood. So as we prayed for Broad Street Mission and for our week of ministry, we prayed for little Dominic too. As each student prayed, Dominic would work his way over to that person and lay a hand on their shoulder to agree with their prayer. He was precious for sure.

We told him we'd be back tomorrow, and invited him to come to VBS and to bring all of his friends. Several students are really looking forward to seeing him again. I know I am, too.

Prayer requests:

-Tomorrow is the first full day of ministry for us. Pray that God does exactly what He wants to do through us.

-Tomorrow, our VBS starts, with Alpha Team (Karina Bauermeister, Zaira Lara-Nava, Ian Gingrich, Becky Smith-Covey, Max Vale, Cory Kick, Molly McRae, Bob Nass, and me) leading. Please pray for a great first day that sets the tone for the rest of the week.

-Others from our team will be helping to prepare and serve food to homeless people at Broad Street Mission. Please pray our hearts will be filled with compassion, and our spirits filled with boldness, as we serve and pray and listen.

All are in good health and spirits. Please keep on praying. Hopefully tomorrow, we'll have the first of our reports written by a student this year, plus some pics for you.

May God's joy and peace be with you all.

Serving Him,
Pastor Gary Weston


caljoy said...

We missed you all in church today but prayed for you all.
Thanks for the updates
God is good all the time

NE14God said...

Looking forward to your post today. Cheers!
~JC ;-)