Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do NOT call before noon!

Pray for me, because things are about to get CRAZY!

This evening, there's a baby shower at the church for a friend who's expecting her first. I'm hoping to have enough time to drop by before heading to the next event of the evening: a sleepover party with junior high girls in our youth group. Oh, please let sleep happen at that party. Saturday morning, I have an hour between the end of that party and a meeting Gary and I are hosting at our home to pray and talk with students interested in coming to Guatemala with us this summer. Presuming that ends on time, I will have two hours to rest before my next church event: a fun afternoon with the church ladies and our high school girls, sponsored by our women's ministry to connect the girls of all ages. The next morning, I'll be getting up early for Sunday School, church, then leading a planning session with some of the students that are going on the New Orleans mission trip in two weeks. Top that off with our high school small group Sunday evening, and that adds up to about 23 hours with students this weekend... whooo!


A Bishops wife said...

Breathe...exhale and inhale...slowly.

Sounds a bit like my life...kind of.

Hi, nice blog. My first visit.
I hope you have some sleep time.

caljoy said...

Ahhh good thing you are young. Those kinds of weekends have taken years off of my life.
You are in my prayers and I am so grateful you are coming to our event. Remember when I asked you wayyyyy back when if this weekend would still be a good one for our event??? Little did you know

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I hope you have some other times for rest during the week. I guess weekends are crazy for youth workers. See you tonight.
Love Ya,

Bonnie said...

WOW! Hope all goes well.