Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Post Worth Several Thousand Words

A handful of snapshots from our trip to New Orleans thus far:


mommaroth said...

no kids...but four moms, lots of prayer and great fellowship (good brownies too). For those of us with kids there, we got to see them - thanks!

God Bless!!!

Yvonne Galvin Barbara Roth
Herlinda LaraNava Roxanne Dale

Lauren said...

So many memories... Especially the picture of us & Colletta. I'm praying for her all the time.

Lizzy said...

I love Coletta. She is one of the best examples of how God wanted her so bad and just brought/ brang us to her. Yes, she ran away, but I am praying that she'll come back. The power of prayer was painfuly evedent on this trip, it showed me that with prayer you can heal, with prayer you can soften a heart, with prayer you can bring a little kid to Christ, and with prayer (and a few tears) God and sisters and brothers in the Lord can resolve almost any problem. I thank God for showing me that, and I thank God for showing me that even the most unlikely people can turn out to be your best friends. This is the kind of trip where there is no way you can come back the same. My whole out look on life, heart, prayer life, and passion for the Lord has changed. I praise God for this trip, I have never experienced any thing like it. (PRAISE THE LORD!) Look out world!