Saturday, March 1, 2008

Philistinian Idol

Gary (not Gary W, but perhaps Gary F, Gary K, Gary B, or the other Gary B? Identify yourself!) left a comment on my last post, The New Addition, weighing in on the meaning of Dagodol's name. He wrote: "Dagon meaning "fish" was an idol of the Philistines."

Though I haven't been a great fan of the reality show "Philistinian Idol", the name does in fact, go back to Biblical seafaring times. "Dag" means fish, and "Gadol" means big. The phrase is used in the book of Jonah, referring to the great fish that swallowed that unfortunate prophet. So, my little betta fish has some big fins to fill.

Y'all did so great with the guessing, though, that I thought I'd give you a second quiz, featuring pics from my trip to Capitol Aquarium.

Your task is to match the species to the picture: Black Ribbon Eel, Stargazer, and Dogface Puffer. Ready, GO!

First response with three correct answers gets a high five from yours truly!


simivalleyjean said...

Well, the one with the face like a dog must be the dogface puffer. Humm, the one looking like a black ribbon must be the black ribbon eel. And that would leave... the one with the googly eyes looking skyward, let me think, the stargazer? Oh goody, oh goody, if I win you have to come down here to give my the high five. Hurray. Mom

Katherine said...

Good work, mom. My other readers simply never had a chance! I'll save you a high five, but I think you should come up here and get it.


caljoy said...

Hey I was gonna say what your Mom said.........
You'll never know if that is true or not, but yeah, good job simivalleyMom.
Hey Kat, I'll sample some cajun food for you and pray over the Crescent City before ya'll get there.
I'll miss you bunches. See you when I get back
P.S. I love your quizes

Karina said...

Aaaaw I remember all of them! Sooo cool. My fave was the stargazer. =]