Monday, March 10, 2008

Life in the Big City

The hubbo and I enjoyed a quick get-away to 'the city' (local speak for 'San Francisco') this past week. We have decreed to take more short get-aways this year as a way to build memories and have fun together as well as retreat from the seemingly endless needs of ministry. Fortunately, Gary's off-peak week-end days allow us to travel during the less crowded work week.

So, we jumped on the BART with overnight bags in hand, ready to to some exploring. Who would have thought we would have found ourselves in the midst of a EuroCircle (don't worry mom, it's legal), a tea oasis even we die-hard coffee fiends couldn't resist, or an entire world of toy claw machines?

For all the fun we had, though, I found the diverse sounds and smells of the city to be just too much. It's not enough just to get 'away', if 'away' is not restorative. So next time, we'll be heading to the beautiful rolling hills of Napa. And once the weather warms up, we'll be camping in Yosemite. I can already feel the dirt beneath my feet, smell the fresh air and feel the spray of a waterfall on my face... if I have to give up claw-machine world to connect with the great outdoors, so be it.

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