Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm back (at least for now)

Phew... after a week in Southern California, then heading straight to Junior High camp for the weekend, it is goooooooood to be home. Sleeping in my own bed, time with my husband that doesn't inlcude fifteen screaming kids, cooking in my own kitchen, these are luxuries I can now appreciate. Though I admit, I'm a little less than excited for the laundry and grocery shopping that await.

Gary and I will be home for two weeks, then we head to Hume Lake for a sleepless week of camp with our high schoolers. For all my complaints, though, there have been some really good moments that make it all worthwhile. I hope to be posting some pictures from this past weekend's camp, as well as sharing some of my favorite moments. But for now, welcome home to me. =)

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caljoy said...

Glad you are home too! Can't wait to hear what God showed you and what He did.
Tell Gary that I am praying for him re: the sermon this Sunday. Can't wait to hear the Holy spirit speak to me through him.