Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer TNT

With our junior high program this summer, instead of taking a break (too much time away from our kids!) or falling into a rut of endless pool parties (anything gets old after a while!), we decided to try something new...

Enter TNT : Thursday Nights Together!

We decided to continue meeting on our regular youth group night, but instead of the structured lesson at our home, we would mix it up by visiting a different student's home each week. We extended our time to allow for barbecuing, swimming, trampoline jumping, hula kickballing, or whatever else struck our fancy! With TNT, we have also been extremely blessed to have one of our college guys, Chris Gruenholz, come in to lead worship with our group each week (yay Chris!)!

Our evenings conclude with a thoughtful devotion from Pastor Gary, which have each focused on a different parable. This past week, he shared the parable of the talents, which then led us into a time of sharing what our various talents are. (I was also excited to learn that our English word "talent" is taken directly from the original Biblical use of the term in this parable!)

I greatly enjoyed hearing our junior highers share their gifts and passions, as my heart's desire is to help them learn how to use these abilities for God's glory. "Basketball"... "Drums"... "Acting"... and even, "Binge Reading", hmmm!

Enjoy a few pictures from our most recent outing!

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