Monday, July 23, 2007

Local Christian Concerts

For those of you who live in the East Bay and enjoy concerts by Christian artists, get ready to rock!

Joe Molale is a local businessman (Pleasant Hill) who felt led by the Lord to convert part of his warehouse space into a venue for Christian concerts, in order to bring people together to enjoy music for God's glory. He has developed a full concert venue, and JCM Productions now regularly brings in local Christian bands for all to enjoy (don't let the fact that these are "Christian" bands keep you away... these guys rock hardcore!).

When I met Joe a couple of months ago, I could clearly see that he has a great vision and passion to bless the local community as well as the bands that come out to play.

Anyways, the next show will be this Friday, July 27th at 7:30, featuring bands Radio Friendly, Until April, and Sight Unseen. Tickets are only $5. (Joe is generously offering free tickets to those who need them - if you're interested, give him a call.)

Upcoming concert dates will be Friday, August 11 and Friday, August 31. For tickets, directions, and more information, visit the JCM Music website.

Joe says:

I am here to tell you that God has given me a vision! He wants us to wake up and start bringing not only positive message music, but music that tells the truth that there is an answer to all of our problems! A solution to not just "cover up or mask" our pain, our fears, our sorrows, our misery....... that solution is through 1 way and 1 way ONLY! That answer is through Jesus! It's no joke! He is real and so is his love for every one of us! It's time to stand up and SHOUT for what we believe in!

Rockin for the ROCK! Serving HIM!

Joe Molale

JCM Productions
3440 Vincent Road, Suite G
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

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