Saturday, July 21, 2007

So You Think, What???

So, have any of you heard of a little show called "So you think you can dance!" ?

In the absence of Survivor, American Idol and America's Next Top Model, this show has been our summer time reality-show fix, bringing us back to our dating-dancing days with the USC Ballroom & Latin Dance Team, when Gary and I would rock-step, whip, and sugar-push our way from competitive ballroom dancing partners to best friends (awwww).

This season has special meaning for us, as one of our FORMER COMPETITORS in the swing world is now a contestant on the show! Lacey Schwimmer and her brother, last year's winner Benjie, are the children of a popular dance teacher in the Southern California area. We used to see them all the time at West Coast Swing conventions when their father, Buddy, was teaching. They were immensely talented, from a very young age, and when Gary and I competed against them, about nine years ago, they totally whooped us (they would have been like, ten years old)! We never had any doubt they would grow up to be big dance stars, and now it's fun to root for their success on this televised dance competition. (If you're also a huge Lacey fan, you can check out her myspace fanpage here)

My only disappointment with the show is that my most favoritest dancer, Jessi, was sent home after she collapsed from dehydration and had to go to the hospital. She missed the live performance, so she wasn't able to be protected by America's vote, but she came back for the judging show, and after she danced for her life with the bottom 3, was dismissed by the judges without explanation.

Did the judges really think she had the worst solo? Were there extraneous details to her collapse that prevented her from continuing on the show? The world may never know... I understand not keeping a dancer on if they can't perform, but I don't believe they can really award the winner the title of "America's FAVORITE Dancer", 'cuz that was Jessi.


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Anonymous said...

Oh my golly! That's my favorite summer show too!!! I never miss a week. I've been saddened by the loss of the guys so far this year. The guys are amazingly talented! And how crazy that ya'll competed against Benji and Lacey! I'm way jealous.