Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Keep praying for Rose Marie

Hi everyone, thanks to all who've prayed for my mom's friend Rose Marie. The surgery went well, but she's not out of the woods yet. Here's an update on her condition:

They removed the cancer - good news, It was in a lump and they think they got it all and were able to leave 1/3 of her stomach.

They were waiting for results on the lymph nodes.

Unfortunately, today that came back positive for cancer. I don't know how serious this is? Just one node, or all?? And is chemo effective for cells in the circulation/nodes? It is not for the stomach cancer. So we need lots of prayer for this next chapter.

She had company every time I have called, and I have a head cold so can't go near, so I haven't had any extensive talks with her. She said today though, that she is in a better place spiritually than she has been. I don't know exactly with this means, but pray for salvation and tranquility for her.

She is supposed to go home tomorrow.

Thanks to all for your prayers.
We continue to believe that God is capable of healing any illness, including cancer.

Lord, please have compassion on Rose Marie, bless her with the peace of Your presence, and heal her completely of this cancer. To Your name be the glory.

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Katherine,
I saw your request for prayer so
I have add a friend of my Mum's website as it is really interesting on some unknown facts about cancer - I hope it is helpful to you.
Felicity Corbin-Wheeler www.felicitycorbinwheeler.org
Author of God's Healing Word.

May God bless you, and especially Rose Marie