Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dedicated Ditchers

This story about a Mexican boy who glued himself to his bed in order to avoid going to school, reminded me of Jacques, one of our teammates on the World Race.

Our South African friend had apparently hated school as a young child, and would do whatever he could do in order to stay home. One of his favorite routines was to fake a headache or stomachache, and stay home sick.

During one of his "episodes", his parents became so concerned that they took him to the hospital. Rather than admit his deception, Jacques continued to put on the act of an ill child for the doctors. He was so convincing, the doctors believed that he must have had an appendicitis, and sent him in for surgery!

So, they sent him in, put him under, and yanked out a perfectly healthy appendix. All this, so Jacques could avoid a couple days of school! Now, that's impressive!

ht: YS Update

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