Saturday, January 5, 2008


Last Sunday, during our high school small group time, I had the following unfortunate conversation:

9th grade boy: "Check out this song on my ipod - it's by the Cranberries."

Me: "The Cranberries?" (As in, hmmm, 9th grade kids are now loading the Cranberries on their ipods?)

Him: "Yeah, they're Irish." (As in, I assume you've never heard of them)

Me: Oh, I know. I was just thinking how that takes me back to high school."

Him: "Yeah. I have old music."

Dang... I guess I walked right into that one.


caljoy said...

That's funny. It happens to "our" music all the time. They use it in commercials and I still am amazed when kids play Beatles songs on their guitars. They funniest story was one time, Jacob's good friend came over and I had Ella Fitzerald on the CD player, she was singing Summertime and he said, "Oh did some older lady cover the Sublime's song?" I just about laughed myself to death and had to correct him as to who covered who's song......
Yes, you are getting older LOL

Karina said...

Haha I know who that is ;]