Saturday, January 5, 2008

Help our Kenyan brothers

Adventures in Missions is accepting donations for those who would like to help those trying to get food in the wake of the recent violence in Kenya. They recently posted the following information here on their website:

Kenya Update 2008: Election turns violent but you can help

The latest news out of Kenya is that over 300 have died and 70,000 have been displaced in the wake of a flawed election. Please help us reach out to the poor who are most affected with a donation to help us buy food for the orphans in the slum of Kibera. Any money you give will be wired directly to our base to buy food.

Click here to give.

The country’s economy has shut down and most neighbors at our Kibera base simply have no food to eat – the situation is dire and they are desperate. Alex is an example. He is a close Kenyan friend of ours who was shot in the uproar and languishes in a hospital with minimal care.

Our Kenyan staff has asked God what he would have us do and they feel that he wants us to help provide food and share the love of Christ in tangible ways. Yesterday some of the poor in our neighborhood were able to buy a few small vegetables at a very inflated price. Those in the slum who already struggle to get food on a daily basis are suffering the most.

When we buy food, we work with local pastors to distribute it to those in the worst condition. There are a few staging areas beginning to develop and two have been identified thus far that we are going to try and fund.

Please help bring hope to this horrible situation.

Here’s how you can give.

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