Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Power of Prayer

So many times, I feel that I don't even bother to pray because I don't expect the miraculous. I do desire to grow in my faith and reliance on God, so it's important to remind myself of God's power and the ways I've seen him work in my life as well as in the lives of those around me.

This encouraged me, and I hope it will encourage you as well: an incredible testimony from some of my South African friends:

God is doing amazing things in our schools!

The other day, there was a big UCSA Praise and Worship meeting at Jacques' school. Just before they started, Jacques noticed one of the students who is very involved in occult practices. He knew she had probably come to the meeting to bring disruption, and just prayed softly in his heart that Jesus would "knock her of her feet" during the praise and worship.

Well, the meeting went well, but a couple of minutes afterwards, the office of the school sent a message to Jacques that he must please come to the office immediately to help carry a girl who could not walk. When Jacques reached the office, there was this girl! Her legs couldn't move!!! :-)

No one knew about the prayer, but I'm sure that girl knew that Someone with greater power than her at touched her. The school immediately took her to see a doctor, and the doctor could find NOTHING WRONG with her! (medically speaking) She was able to walk again soon afterwards, but her whole attitude has changed towards Jacques and his ministry! God is so faithful!

When we least expect it, He shows up and does the Xtraordinary!

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