Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kenya Update - Violence continues in the slums

Kenya's continued descent into chaos leaves me sickened and numb. I am frustrated that a country could let go of democracy so easily. I am afraid for my friends, most of whom live in Kibera, the center of much of the violence. I pray to God that He would intervene and bring peace to this nation before things get any worse.

Of the 23 countries we visited during our 2006 mission trip, Kenya was the only place that I cried when I left. I felt so at home there. I loved the people so much. I constantly dream of going back, and now I fear that the place I loved so deeply will be damaged so badly as to be unrecognizable.

I am so grateful and relieved that I have been able to remain in contact with our dear Pastor Mike. He sent me the following e-mail this morning. Though things are still very bad, I am grateful that He and our other pastor friends are alive.

"I thank God for His protection, I had been a hard moment in our country especially the days for mass action. Kibera was the worst place. I saw many people dying with the life bullet and tear gas.

We were just in our houses and very hard to get food because going out to look for food was impossible, those who died in kibera yesterday should be more than twenty and in hospitals is a great number.

I know one day God shall bring peace in kenya. Continue praying for us here in kenya, life is not easy food is so costly and the money is not enough but I thank God for the life for we are still safe. Pastor Jackson and Pastor Levi are also protected with the blood of Jesus we thank God for that. Pastor Mike"

Please continue to pray for Kenya, that the government would get things under control quickly. I can't imagine the country moving forward peacefully without a re-election. Pray that the violence would cease and that the 250,000 displaced people would have safety, shelter, food, and medicine. Pray that the police would bring order, and not provoke more violence by harming innocent people.

If you would like to help, you can donate money to provide food for the hungry in Kibera; you can give through the Adventures in Missions ministry by clicking here.

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