Friday, January 4, 2008

E-mail from Pastor Mike

I am excited and relieved to have finally heard directly from one of our Kenyan Pastors. Pastor Mike says:

Hey friends,

Thank you for your continue praying for our country kenya I know God is going to entervin and soon we are going to have peace that we have been having.

It has been a hard time for us for the houses we have been seeing them being burned all over the country, people being killed, looting taking place to the most of the shops and house. Toi market was burned, it is very hard to buy food, we also don`t have shops to buy things, we sometimes go to town,. We don`t sleep at night for we are to protect our property from looting. The security is not good it has forced us to do the protection at night. I normally sleep at midnight or at 2.00 am.

I thank God and you for your prayers and also God`s protection.

God bless you. Please pray for kenya.

Pastor Mike

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Leah said...

I absolutely hate what is happening in Kibera. I hold Kibera very dear to my heart. I went there a while ago on a mission trip. That trip completely changed my life forever. My prayers are with you.