Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Whooooooooo are you? Who? Who?

We use a tool called Site Meter to monitor the daily traffic of visitors to our blog. Though we can't see WHO they are, we can see how many people visit each page, and where they are located.

Here's a fun graph that shows the locations of this blog's visitors:

I'd love to know who's out there, so if you are reading this, I invite you to take a second to answer a few of these questions in the comment section:

1. Who are you?
2. How did you find this blog?
3. Are you a regular reader?
4. Do you have your own blog? If so, please leave a link to your URL.
5. Do you have any topics you'd like me to blog about?
6. What is one fun factoid about yourself?


Stacy said...

Do I really have to answer all those questions?!?! Nah, you know me too well for that. Yes, I read your blog regularly even if I don't usually respond.

Norman said...

Hi Gary and Katherine, I am one of the regular readers of your blog. I read Bonnie's Cafe blog and that's where I saw the link to yours. We have a blog also and it's

texasinafrica said...

Hi, I'm Laura and I found your blog because you left a comment on my blog. :) I always enjoy hearing about your ministry. A fun fact is that I was once a contestant on the Price is Right!

Karina said...

Me me me! I like to read your blog ;] I can't think of a fun fact right now though.