Friday, January 4, 2008

It's raining cats, dogs, and iguanas...

It's an unusual time for Californians. We're experiencing a phenomenon not unknown in other regions of the country. Yes, it appears winter has revealed itself.

Water is dumping from the heavens, gusts of wind are beating upon us (in some regions up to 150 mph), there are power outages, airport closures, blizzards, and ocean swells.

Of course, we haven't seen nothing like the USA Today report on Florida:

"At Bill Baggs Cape Florida state park in Key Biscayne, iguanas were falling out of trees Thursday. The cold-blooded reptiles go into a sort of hibernation when temperatures get too low, even if they are perched in branches. Most woke up again when it got warmer later in the day."

Iguanas falling from the trees? Now that's cold.

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